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Neighborhood meeting held
April 4, 2017

Evergreen hosted another neighborhood meeting on Tuesday, April 4th at 7pm at the Erie Community Center. This meeting was originally scheduled for the week prior but we elected to move it to April 4th to avoid conflicts with Spring Break for Boulder County and St. Vrain Schools. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss Evergreen’s rezoning application for Nine Mile and its master plan for the property. Thank you to all those who participated. Attached are the materials that were presented for those who could not attend. We welcome any additional feedback or comments via email.

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Master Plan and Rezoning Submittal
We are excited to announce the initial submittal of the Nine Mile Master Plan and accompanying rezoning document to the Town of Erie after many months of significant due diligence, gathering neighborhood feedback, meeting with the town and dialoging with potential retail and restaurant users. We will receive staff comments from the Town of Erie in the upcoming weeks and anticipate planning a neighborhood meeting for additional community feedback early next year. In the meantime, if you have any initial thoughts or questions, please let us know and have a wonderful holiday season.

The Project

  • Our Vision
  • Retail
  • Residential
  • Design

Our vision for Nine Mile Corner is a horizontally-integrated, mixed-use community that combines neighborhood retail, restaurants and soft goods, and moderate to high-density residential with modern place-making and historic building architecture (sourced in Erie) in order to create a uniquely Erie retail and residential destination. In deference to the Road of Remembrance pillars, our three “pillars” to realizing this vision at Nine Mile Corner are 1) securing a strong neighborhood anchor and attracting the right mix of local and regional restaurants and retailers, 2) integrating high-quality, yet affordable housing to create community, and 3) executing intentional planning, building and landscape architecture to create vibrant “places” within Nine Mile Corner.

The heart of Nine Mile Corner’s shopping experience will be a strong neighborhood anchor tenant who delivers quality service and selection and drives essential support for restaurant and soft good co-tenants. In addition to our anchor, Evergreen and David Hicks & Lampert will leverage our soft goods, entertainment and fitness tenant relationships from prior projects to secure additional junior anchors that will complement our project, create significant sales tax revenues, and satisfy needs that are not met within the Erie community. Lastly, we will be intentional about our leasing of The Village at Nine Mile Corner (our small shops area at the corner of Hwy. 287 and Arapahoe Road), where we will curate a mix of local and regional retailers and restaurants to provide attractive shopping and quality breakfast, lunch and dinner options for the surrounding community. As part of this deliberate approach, we will hold neighborhood focus groups to determine what the community craves in terms of smaller-format tenants and seek out categories and specific users desired.

Key to creating community at Nine Mile Corner is incorporating appropriate, high-quality residential into any “excess” land not occupied by sales-tax generating uses. Based upon preliminary planning and site investigations we believe approximately 10 to 15 acres of land will be available for non-retail uses and, based upon our market assessment, it is unlikely employment or hospitality uses will be warranted in the near term. However, the Town of Erie is deficient in attainable housing, especially attached housing, and we believe moderate to high density residential is an appropriate use at Nine Mile Corner to support our retail tenants, buffer the surrounding residential neighborhoods, and satisfy this important housing need so Erie remains an attractive community for newly formed households.

The project will be defined a by a smaller, more eclectic, mix of traditional architectural styles that not only provide the opportunity for each tenant to have its own unique architectural identity, but one that creates an intimate hometown feel. The buildings will be designed with traditional local materials that will be germane to the surrounding context and will contribute to the established character of the Town of Erie. Pedestrian scale, with both passive and active open spaces, will be the overall theme throughout the project, creating a comfortable, walkable environment for the consumer, visitor and employee. Key to our design success of Nine Mile Corner will be outdoor eating and gathering spaces that take advantage of the site’s unencumbered western views and Colorado’s 300 days of sunshine. The Village buildings will push up against Hwy. 287 and Arapahoe in order to internalize its plaza areas to buffer patrons from the noise, light and traffic of these high traffic streets, while concurrently providing rooftop patios that elevate above the noise and benefit from spectacular mountain views. Equally important will be landscape and hardscape details that “soften” Nine Mile Corner and make it visually attractive and welcome for lingering.

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