Opening 2022

Meetings / Updates


On September 22, 2020, Nine Mile Corner received approval from the Town of Erie Urban Renewal Authority and Erie Board of Trustees of the 8th Amendment to the DDA and all necessary resolutions to proceed with the sale of the property.


On October 1, 2020, The first closings at Nine Mile Corner were completed as Lowe’s Home Improvement purchased Lot 1 concurrently with Evergreen-287 & Arapahoe, LLC purchasing the remainder of the Retail Phase 1 property from the Town of Erie Urban Renewal Authority.


On October 15, 2021, Lot 10 was purchased by the Kroger Company, Inc. for the development of a 103,000 square foot King Soopers Marketplace grocery store with a planned opening in early 2024.

Construction Update

Construction began at Nine Mile Corner in October 2020 and has been progressing well. The following are the anticipated upcoming activities and updates:

  • May 25, 2022: Lowe’s Open for Business
  • June 2022: Completion of Taco Bell building construction and anticipated opening on Lot 6
  • July 2022: Completion of construction of the core & Shell buildings on Lot 7 for a UC Health medical office building and Lot 3 for two multi-tenant retail buildings
  • July/August 2022: Commencement of construction for King Soopers on Lot 10
  • For any construction related concerns please call the contractor hotline: (303) 657-9700

For Retail Leasing opportunities, please direct all inquiries to:

Heather Wiseman
(303) 656-8713
[email protected]


For Apartment Leasing, please direct all inquiries to:

(303) 376-3450
[email protected]

The Project

  • Our Vision
  • Retail
  • Residential
  • Design

Our vision for Nine Mile Corner is a horizontally integrated, mixed-use community that combines neighborhood retail and restaurants with a luxury multi-family community. Nine Mile Corner will incorporate modern place-making amenities with building architecture informed by historic Erie in order to create a unique retail and residential destination. In deference to the Road of Remembrance pillars, our three “pillars” to the Nine Mile Corner vision are 1) securing a strong community retail anchor and attracting the right mix of national and regional restaurants and retailers, 2) integrating high-quality yet attainable housing, and 3) executing intentional planning, building and landscape architecture to create vibrant “places” within Nine Mile Corner.

The heart of Nine Mile Corner’s shopping experience will be a strong Lowe’s Home Improvement anchored shopping center that delivers quality service and selection and generates essential customer traffic that supports the balance of Nine Mile Corner’s commercial users. In addition to Lowe’s, Evergreen and David Hicks will leverage our significant tenant relationships both locally and nationally to secure additional junior anchors, pad users and small shops tenants for Nine Mile’s shops Village that complement our project, create significant sales tax revenues and satisfy the consumer needs not currently met within the Erie trade area.

Key to creating community and making Nine Mile Corner a dynamic mixed-use project is the development of additional attainable housing on the eastern portion of the site, which is called Outlook Nine Mile. Outlook Nine Mile will be a 287 home multi-family rental community with best of class amenities that will support Nine Mile’s retail tenants and provide a diverse attached housing option in Erie, which is predominated by for-sale traditional single family homes.

The project will be defined by a mix of traditional architectural styles that will provide the opportunity for each tenant to have it own unique architectural identity. The buildings will be designed with traditional local materials that will be germane to the surrounding context and will contribute to the established character of the Town of Erie. Pedestrian scale, with both passive and active open spaces, will be the overall theme throughout the project. Key to our design success of Nine Mile Corner will be outdoor eating and gathering spaces that take advantage of the site’s unencumbered western views and Colorado’s 300 days of sunshine. The Village buildings will push up against Hwy 287 and Arapahoe Road to buffer patrons from the noise, light and traffic of these high traffic streets. Equally important will be landscape and hardscape details that soften Nine Mile Corner and make it visually attractive.

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